In Loving Memory to Brian Adams, Jr

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    Sunset - Thursday - February 15, 2015                                         Sunset after marker is placed for eternity.
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Afterwards . . . Marker is placed.

February 19, 2015 – Months after working with the memorial company, Brian’s marker has arrived and been placed at the grave site. It’s a beautiful bronze and marble memorial plaque, incorporating images of Brian’s life at various stages. We have created another gallery where images of his grave site will be displayed so that those who wish to visit, but cannot, can do so online. View Gallery

Eulogy for Brian – Nov 29, 2014 – Faith Church

Tribute to Brian

From a Father’s Heart – Eulogy by Brian Adams, Sr

Delivered by Josh Croswell

Normally, I could stand up here and speak to all of you on any given day, but not on this day. I just can’t. The words I need to say come too hard, as I look out and see all of the friends my son had. It tells me the kind of man he was and causes me to feel much closer to his friends.

A person once asked me, what was the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ day of your life? I was 54 at the time, and right away I answered and said, “The day Brian Jr. was born.” I thought about the second question but no answer came to mind. Yes, I’ve had bad days; just like everyone else, but at that time, I had never had a ‘worst’ day.

Finally, the time came when I could answer that question. The worst day of my life was Monday, November 24th at 8:14 a.m…

This was not Jr.’s fault. God decided it was time for him to come home. He went without pain and suffering, and I know he is in a far better place. There’s a verse in the Bible that says, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘We cannot comprehend what God has prepared for us in heaven’. I believe that, but I will tell you this, unless you have lost a child, you cannot comprehend the pain that you will go through.

Spend time with your kids, hug them and tell them you love them, because in a blink of an eye they could be gone.

Eulogy for Brian – Nov 29, 2014 – Faith Church

Delivered by David Hart

Brian’s mom Valley asked me to share some of her thoughts today:

A Mother’s Song

My life has changed forever
I’m walking a new path.
A part of me is missing
That I know I can’t get back.

I pray for strength and courage
For us as we live on.
I’m not the only one grieving
For our beloved son.

I still have a son named Brian
Who walks with me each day
To guide me through this journey
And help me find my way.

I agonize about his life cut short,
Searching for answers I’ll never get.
It’s not meant for me know Your Plan.
In this life, at least, not yet….

Brian has the answers
That someday will let me see,
So I’ll live each day “Like Brian”
While there he waits for me.

Your loving mamma, Valley

Brian filled our lives with happiness and gifts beyond measure from the moment he was born. His smile was always infectious, as was the happiness he spread. He was so easy to love and that love was returned with abundance. He was many things to many people. We all had our nicknames for him: Lil’ Fella, Baby Brian and as he got older Little Brian and then of course, Junior.

When he was eight years old he spread that love in a different way, he welcomed his baby brother, Patrick and almost three years later, Adam. There are no words to describe how much he loved his brothers. They were his little shadows in every way.

There is no way to replace the love and the time we will miss with him. As his Momma I will strive to live as he did and honor his memory with the happiness and sunshine he carried with him. — Always.


Brian’s mom speaks simply and lovingly about her son, Brian.

In answer to the many questions about ‘how are you’, I’d like to add a few words – at least give voice to the best answer I can offer after just a few days.
Everyone and every family experiences the loss of loved ones.

Subconsciously, I think most of us expect this to occur in some orderly fashion. Accountants would apply a tax rule of “First in, first out”. That seems fair, that makes sense.