A Mother’s Song


This morning, Valley emailed me a poem that just “came’ to her this morning. She sat down and typed it out (almost as shown below), in less than five minutes.

A Mother’s Song

My life has changed forever
I’m walking a new path.
A part of me is missing
That I know I can’t get back.

I pray for strength and courage
For us as we live on.
I’m not the only one grieving
For our beloved son.

I still have a son named Brian
Who walks with me each day
To guide me through this journey
And help me find my way.

I agonize about his life cut short,
Searching for answers I’ll never get.
It’s not meant for me know Your Plan.
In this life, at least, not yet….

Brian has the answers
That someday will let me see,
So I’ll live each day “Like Brian”
While there he waits for me.

Your loving mamma, Valley