Footprints of Life


As we mourn the loss of my amazing, sweet, funny, full of laughs, quick witted, care free spirit, smiling, kind hearted cousin, I must say that I’m grateful for a cousin that always took the time to come to family gatherings and holiday events if he was in town.

He was always great at making other’s feel special.

My greatest memories of you will always be at Christmas when you and your dad always kept the family laughing. You always made up nicknames for everyone like LD and you brought gifts to Chinese Christmas that will always be remembered.

I can’t remember a time when I seen you that you weren’t smiling. You have a left some amazing foot prints in all of us. It warms my heart to read all of the testimonial’s from people whom your life touched. They all talk about that infectious smile you displayed at all times.

You always enjoyed life to the fullest. I know we will see you through your daddy because you both have many of the same mannerisms. Just between you and I, I have encountered 3 golf balls in my home which is something that I never see :)

I know your here. I will always love you dearly and you will always hold a place in my heart.

Rest in peace Cuz……