Longest Home Run Ever


Brian’s 1994 Longest Home Run Ball Ever

On July 17, 1994, Brian hit his first and only home run as a baseball player in the 14 year old Pony All Star game in Pacifica, CA.

He wasn’t supposed to be playing in that game – for many reasons. He had not played organized baseball until age 12 when we moved to Foster City, CA. We got there too late for tryouts, so even though he was the oldest you can be to pley Little League, they made him play in the Minors. He got good, fast, but it was minors and the level of play and experience was far below Majors where his age would have normally placed him.

That meant that if he wanted to play a second year, it would be to move up to the Pony level for 13-14 year olds, most of whom would have been playing since T-Ball. I didn’t coach at the time, but followed Brian’s baseball for years to come. Later, I coached his brothers for ten years. In all that time, I never knew anyone to make the ‘leap’ from Little League Minors to Pony, totally skipping Majors.

He not only did it, but in his second year he became the 14 year old All Star team’s Coach Option pick. The guy running the team got to pick one kid from the league that none of the other managers selected. He chose Brian. Brian would not be a starter, but he was ecstatic to make the team.

In the first game of the tournament in Pacifica (foggy game right on the Pacific), the team played poorly. The coach was so unhappy with the effort that he told everyone that he’d be starting the bench guys in the game the next day.

Brian played well in the field, but his big moment came in his first at bat. He hit the ball far over he head of the outfielders. Seems that they thought the outfield and the space beyond was sufficient that they didn’t need a home run fence. It landed beyond the fielders and rolled forever as well until it went right over the cliff! I guess you could also say it was one of the longest inside the park home runs in history as well as it went over the cliff and kept going!

We didn’t win the tournament. But we did manage to find the ball from ‘down below’.