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Erick Barnett

I didn't know Brian, but work as a vendor with his stepfather David and mom Valley. I'm so sorry for the loss and will keep you all in my prayers. I never understand why things happen like this. I just can't help but think he is in a much better place. So good that he will never feel your pain or see your life issues as he looks down. Bless you all, I'm sorry.

Claudia Holt

Brian Jr came into the Holt's life like a welcome whirlwind. I knew at the moment I met Brian he is special. Brian captured my heart and I knew he was good for Lainey. I belive that Brian and Lainey were destined to come together, so both could experience love, before sweet Brian left us. Brian always had an iinfectious smile and his blue eyes were always smiling too! Forever in our heart, we will always love you Brian Jr.

Shannon Gladen

I didn't know Jr. as well as most of you, but you didn't have to know him well to feel like you did! My daughter loved him from the minute she met him, and I don't mind saying, he was definitely one of my favorites of Jamie's friends. He once told me that I was the "coolest wife" of all of his friends, but I have no doubt that he told them all that! He WAS always happy, always smiling, and always ALWAYS fun to be around! He asked Ashlyn one time what the song of the week was when we were all out at Woodlawn, and it happened to be "All I do is win" by DJ Khaled which was her response. Of coarse he started singing it.. Part of the lyrics in that song are "everybody hands go up.. And they stay there, and they stay there" Well, EVERY time we saw him after that, he would either say "and they stay there" or "where do your hands stay?" waiting on the response of "and they stay there" (singing of coarse) and we all thought it was so funny and would chime right in singing with him! Whenever we hear that song, we think of Jr. and always will! It is so true that he always lived with his glass half full and I totally agree with his moms thoughts, "everyone should try to live like Brian Jr. did" I know from now on, I sure will try to!!!

Anitra Hightower

I think I speak for everyone when I say..there isn't a bad word to be said about Brian..he was always a sweetheart and always a gentlemen. We laughed until we cried when we were with him. A true joy to be around.

Benny Barkley

About 4 years ago I got a phone call from someone who I consider my best friend from my time in the Marine Corps. He told me that a very good friend of his was gonna be in my area and to take good care of em. I figured any friend of Michael's is a good friend of mine. Met his buddy in the parking lot of the apartment complex and offered Brian a room. Started to bullshit with Brian and noticed fairly quick that he knew just about everything stupid I ever did in the service thanks to my good fiend Omohundro. Brian Adams was not only a good guy to hang out with, he was just flat out a good man. A good man that obviously came from a great upbringing of family and friends. He even paid a plane ticket for me to show up at Michael's birthday several months after he moved out knowing damn well it really didn't cost me a dime for him to live with me. I'm sure glad I took him up on it because I had a chance to see how great his friends and family really are. Never been treated better by a bunch of folks I never met. About a week ago I got a call from Michael and it was a bad one. Brian Adams has passed away. A young man well before his time. A good friend and I'm really gonna miss him. Take care Junior!!!

Note from Jamey Parker Samuelson about this event:
What a sweet post, Ben. Just another story of how sweet and thoughtful our Junior was. He wanted Michael to be with his best friend on his birthday. We were all so excited and waited in anticipation to see Michaels face when you came around the corner. What a memorable birthday for Michael! Junior was in tears when y'all hugged. Just shows what a wonderful human being Junior was. With out fail, my heart aches every day for him.

When Michael O. saw Ben and they hugged, Junior was bawling. He was so thoughtful. Junior was texting me on the way home from getting Ben, giving me play by play on where they were. "Were in Van Alstyne" "pulling in to Woodlawn" "coming in the back door". It was a very moving moment.

Aileen Zerbonia

There are no words that are adequate at a time like this... This is absolutely devastating and Valley, with our similar lives of having sons at such a young age, I can't get you off my mind and can only imagine the aching in your heart...I pray you can find some solace over time... We have always considered Brian one of our "kids" and cherish SO MANY great memories of him and Josh growing up in Foster City and even though none of us have seen each other recently, Brian would text me regularly to keep me updated. in fact last week to show me the early snow in Texas and his newly grown "beard". The most touching was every Mother's Day, without fail, he would either call or text me to wish me a happy day...always made me smile... I know I speak on behalf of the entire Bent/Zerbonia clan and especially Josh, who is so so sad...that you all raised quite an amazing young man, with and infectious smile and a zest for life, he will be missed...and truly our lives are better for having known him. With much love Aileen

Dezire' Dusold

I miss your smiling face. It saddens me that I will have to wait til it's my time to go before I will see you again. I love you Lil fella and will see you on the flip side! I know you're up there playing golf with papa!

Melissa Thompson

Brian Adams, Jr. was the definition of being a kind human being. Every time I saw him, whether it was weeks, months, or a year, he acted like we had just seen each other the day before. He would smile, asked me how I was doing, remembered my son's name, and would ask how my golf game was going. He was a kind soul and always made people feel special. I cannot believe he's gone. My heart hurts and my prayers are with your family and loved ones. He was a good friend and will be missed greatly.

Todd young

You were the best of us on the golf course...your talent always amazed me...but your kind and friendly spirit was what I will remember most about you...I enjoyed every time i got to play with u on the course...And every time I had a beer with u off of it..I will miss laughing with u and listening to your off the wall jokes...u were one of the all time good guys...Jr I will miss u buddy

Brian Adams Sr.

Brian jr. Was my pride and joy. We were so much alike in every way. I never knew I could love another man as much as I loved him. But he was my Son. I did everything I could do for him. He never knew I prayed for him. I don't think my wife ( Jessie) knew. There are no words I can say for how he will be missed. Michael O. brought a lot of pictures by that I had never seen. Junior had one happy life. So much joy in his face. Thank you Michael. There will be a time when we all will get together again. But for now, Rest In Peace

Angela Land

As we mourn the loss of my amazing, sweet, kind hearted cousin, I must say that I'm grateful for a family who always chose for everyone to be together for each holiday and life event. I can't remember a time we missed unless we were out of town and couldn't be there. It's a shame when people take their own family for granted.

Michael McKinley

It was a nostalgic night at Rendezvous Bar And-Grill. We miss you Brian Adams so much! Here is another pic from that fun afternoon with Junior.

Mandy Arndt Riley

I dedicate my TBT to my friend, my brother, Brian Adams. My heart is so broken. I love you and the memory of you will always be alive in my heart. I'll see you soon brother. Get the cards ready.

Scott Richards

Thankful for our times together drinking good beer, smoking good cigars and having good conversation. You lived life! Thanks for all the laughs.

Lexie Halk

Rest in peace sweet cousin Brian, I'll always miss your protective sweet self. You are so loved! Can't wait to see you in heaven, glad you made it home, our angel!

Adam Whitworth

Brian you will be forever missed. Sharee and I were sad to hear of his passing. He was a very kind and friendly Gentleman.


Adam & Sharee Whitworth

Staci Rhoades

Today is a day to give thanks, and I couldn't be more blessed to be able to say I had a friend named Brian Adams. Junior had a heart of gold, and like many people have already said... He was one of the best people you'd ever meet. He always made you feel important and know that he cared about you. He was a best friend of my brother's and like a second son to my dad. He always kept us on our toes and ALWAYS had us laughing. He had a love for children like no one else. Kids LOVED their junebug and he loved them. He wanted nothing more than to have a family of his own and marry the girl of his dreams. The last time he was at WCC he was not shy in saying how happy he was and how excited he was for the future with his Lainey. He was a GREAT man and we will never forget him and always cherish the memories we have. We sure will miss you Junior, and we will be drinking lots of mimosas for you this thanksgiving! We all love you.

LaDonna Perkins

My nephew Brian Adams -Little Fella has passed away this morning. Please give family time to grieve. Thanks to all for your prayers.

Norman O'Neal

Going to miss my little buddy Brian Adams. Such a great guy and friend who always made me smile. Love you buddy. Prayers to his family friends.

Ashley Leigh Richardson

My prayers go out to all of Brian Adams family and friends today. This news saddens me greatly. Brian was a wonderful man. He was caring and giving, and an all around friend to all. He will be very missed. Gone way too soon. Bless you sweet angel.

Marisa Gladen

I just heard you weren't well, and now I hear you've passed. This makes me so sad... My heart breaks for you, and your family. Gone too soon love!

Justin Ainsworth

Love you brother I'm gonna miss you dearly, look in on us from time to time, I know your heaven is going to be a beach some where!!! I'll meet there're some day

Jamie Ainsworth

We love you buddy. You will be missed. Save us a spot beside you in Heaven

Courtney Clayton

It is so sad to lose a friend. My heart is broken for all the friends and family of Brian Adams.

Scott Beezley

If any of fb friends do or don't know the Brian Adams Jr or Brian Sr family they should could use your prayers. Junior passed away this morning at a early age. Junior, we had some fun times on and of the golf course. All those putts will fall now. RIP friend

Lacey Alley Pike

My heart is very heavy. I pray for Brian's family and friends. May God hold each and every one of you. Brian you will be missed by so many

Tammy Price

I can't ever recall a time I saw you that you didn't have a smile on your face, a kind word, and plenty of laughter. I am so saddened by this news and pray for comfort for your family during this difficult time. You will be greatly missed.

Micky Allen

Only knew Brian Adams a short time and loved him like a brother. RIP my friend and I'll see you later.

Gary McNew

Brian Adams. Damn man I just hate to hear the news. Always enjoyed our banter playing Golden Tee with Shane Brem in the garage. Just amazing. Thanks for passing along the gifts of life to others bro. Godspeed to the family.

Rebecca Goshom

Today really has me thinking about how quickly life happens. On this day we welcome MelanieRobertson's new baby girl into the world and we are saying goodbye to our friend Brian Adams. God always calls us home ,some sooner than others and he always leaves us gifts. Appreciate who you have now. Hug your children a lil closer call a friend a lil more often cause you just never know.

Garrett Young

Brian Adams Jr., my brother from another mother! You are sorely missed! I love you more than you know! Save all of us a spot in heaven, I know there is a huge celebration going on up there right now! I am so blessed to have been a part of your life!

Jason Joyce

Sorry to hear of your passing. You always showed love and made the world a better place. Much love to your family and friends in this trying of times.

Jacob Peters

I've been in a gloom all day! You were such a good man and friend! You never judged and were always giving. Won't forget the times we had. RIP Brian Adams! You will greatly be missed. Prayers for your family.

Adam Hart

Brian Adams you are the best brother anyone could ask for... I love you and miss you so much!

Jake Knight

Me and my main man Brian Adams!! I will always cherish the time we had together and a piece of him will live on through me !! Love you buddy !!

Melissa Morgan Pitzer

Today, we all lost an amazing person, the life of the party, a great friend to everyone. Such a painful reminder of how short life truly is. I will try harder to remember to always tell people that I love them, hug more, laugh more, help others more. Just like Brian Adams. Look over us all up there, B. We will all miss you so much. I will be Praying for your family during this difficult time.

Jacquelyn Thomas

Words cannot express how much I miss him. Always thought I'd see him again sometime soon, now I guess I will see him on the other side. My prayers go out to his family, his girlfriend. I love you forever Brian Adams, you will always be my ULTIMATE FAVORITE next door neighbor.

Tammy Cervantes

Today we lost a very dear friend Brian Adams. I'm so sad over this loss. When u were around everyone was happy. U always made everyone around u laugh. I'm so going to miss that. I'll never forget ur nickname for me.... TAMARAQUA. .. U MADE THAT UP AND NEVER CALLED ANYTHING ELSE! !! GOD I MISS U SO MUCH ALREADY. I love u Brian Adams. God bless you and your family my prayers are with them...RIP...

Dee Macha

I only knew you for a short time Brian, but thought the world of you! You will be missed by many. May we all give thanks for having been blessed by knowing you and take comfort in knowing that all though you were taken much to early in your young life, the life you live now in the presence of our God and father is so much more than we can even begin to imagine. God bless your family and many close friends.

Diane Hart Bowman

Valley, I have frozen in my mind the constant laughter and just plain fun silliness of childhood as I watched Brian and Kelly play together as children. So many of us were blessed with his happy and contagious spirit and special smile that blessed everyone he met, as a child and asd adult too!! I am thankful and I know many others were too to be blessed with Brian in our lives!. Love you!

Emily Perkins

To the family and friends of Brian Adams... He has touched the lives of so many. He never saw me w out me telling me just how much he thought of Austin and loved him, and Landrey Lou.... Lauren Sims! It's sickening to watch these grown men be brought to their knees from sadness of their best buddy! Always smiling and always had something to say! God bless this family and his guys as they say goodbye to him!

Krystal Pickle

As we look through our books and pull out the memories we will ALWAYS miss you!! Our hearts our hurting & still trying to grasp you leaving us on earth & understanding Gods plan!!!! Save us 4 seats when we meet again!!!! YOU

Nick Ware

Saddened by the tragic passing of a great friend and teammate Brian Adams. Gonna miss you B.A.Jr.

Kelly Bowman Billington

I have just been speechless...what an amazing soul you are. I will always remember "La Bamba," Brian Regan, Karaoke, Golfing at TPC and a TON of laughs! I love you so much! RIP! Prayers for my sweet family. Love and miss u all! Xoxo RIP Brian Adams!

Malcome Ross

I moved to Sherman on 02-27-2008. I met Brian Adams Jr. less than a month later. The night I met him I was basically tagging along with him and a few of his life long buddies and he suggested I come to the next hang out spot to have a beer. That dude went OUT OF HIS WAY to make me feel welcome that night, when most everyone else was kind of acting like who is the new guy that no one knows. I recall him taking the time to sit and conversate with me because he knew that I was new in town and didn't know 99% of the people who were there. He also introduced me to several of his friends that night because it was obviously important to him that I have a good time. That was almost 7 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Since that night EVERYTIME I SAW HIM (at Bob Utter Ford, Vous, Cellerman's, Limits, Walmart etc...) we greeted each other with a hand shake and/or man hug. I could go 6 months without seeing him but when I did that was the greeting EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

In a world where violence, hatred and racism sometimes plague our society Brian Adams Jr. was a breath of fresh air, a different type of human being who made the world a better place. I HOPE AND PRAY THAT MY CHILDREN TREAT PEOPLE HOW Brian Adams Jr. treated me EVERYTIME I SAW HIM!! The world lost a truly nice guy.